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Simple Guide to Cannabis Gardening

Have you ever thought about growing your own cannabis medicine but felt you didn't have the knowledge or it was simply too overwhelming? If so, this simple guide to growing cannabis or hemp plants outdoors in the garden is for you!

Simple Guide to Cannabis Gardening includes a tutorial on the following:
*Components of the cannabis plant and history of medical use along with clarification on the difference between cannabis and hemp.

*Step by step instructions on choosing and germinating seeds, planting seedlings, transferring to the garden, fertilizing and watering, pruning, harvesting, trimming, drying, curing, and storing.
*Recipes and guidance on how to use the cannabis buds and fan leaves to create an infused oil for cooking, tinctures, teas, edibles, and topical salves.
*General dosing information and precautions on consuming homemade edibles.
*Journal pages to keep track of growing notes.

Simple Guide to Cannabis Gardening

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