Dosing Guidelines

CBD can be an effective adjunct to treatment for conditions such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, arthritis, muscle spasms, IBD/IBS, and much more. The anti-inflammatory, neurocalming, antispasmotic, and pain relieving powers of CBD are just a few of the reasons it can be such a powerful therapy. 


Dosing of CBD is very individual depending on each person’s endocannabinoid system, the reason for taking CBD (general wellness, anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.), and the method of administration.  Some people find relief with just 3mg and others require 50mg or more. It may take several weeks to experience the full effect so please be patient. Here are some basic dosing guidelines for Jannabis Wellness products:


Tincture: A full dropper of Jannabis Wellness peppermint tincture contains about 33mg of CBD. We recommend starting with 1/4 - 1/3 of a dropper (approximately 8 to 11mg) of the tincture twice a day. Shake the bottle and hold the tincture under your tongue for 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing. The tincture is absorbed directly into your blood and you should feel the effect in about 15 minutes. Slowly increase the dose, if necessary, until you find the relief you desire. It may take a couple of weeks to experience the full effect. There is a tiny non-intoxicating , legally-allowable amount of THC in this tincture which could potentially (thought it is highly unlikely) result in a positive drug test.

HydroPCR Hemp Oil: This 1,200mg water-soluble PCR hemp oil is designed to be added to a liquid to make a shelf-stable beverage. Shake well before using. A full dropper contains about 40-45mg CBD, which is about 1.5mg CBD per drop. We recommend starting with 3 to 6 drops, 2 or 3 times per day. Increase by 2 drops at a time until you find relief. We do not recommend placing directly under the tongue since the flavor can be bitter at full strength. Perfect for young and old and those who are not able to hold the peppermint tincture under their tongues and cannot swallow softgels. Many people find relief from severe pain using this HydroPCR hemp oil.


Softgels: Take one to two softgels daily as needed, with food (containing fat) for maximum absorption. Again, the dose is variable. For general wellness and anti-anxiety some find that 10mg per day is adequate. For pain and inflammatory conditions 25mg might be more appropriate. If you start with 10mg per day and do not see a desired effect in two weeks increase the dose to twice per day (20mg total). If you are taking a medication that interacts with grapefruit (some blood thinners and anti-arrhythmics) you should separate your CBD dose by 4 hours to reduce the chance of an interaction. Please reach out with any questions so we can discuss options for how best to take CBD.


Salve: Apply a small amount topically to the affected area two to three times per day to decrease pain and inflammation. Many find relief from migraines, joint pain, TMJ, eczema, psoriasis, muscle aches, and bug bites. It's a small jar but is very concentrated, containing 1,000mg of CBD (many brands contain 100 to 500mg CBD).

Roll-on: Apply topically to the affected area two to three times per day to decrease pain and inflammation.  The roll-on contains 1,000mg of CBD in the 3-ounce bottle. Easy to apply. It's a bit sticky when you first apply it but it's absorbed quickly. Good for peripheral neuropathy and pain that covers a wide area.


Dog chews: Give one 5mg chew for every 45 pounds of dog, once or twice daily for anxiety, arthritis, and pain. Chews may be cut in half or quarters for smaller dogs (or cats).


Please reach out to me at if you have any questions and to let me know how you feel taking Jannabis Wellness hemp CBD.