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About Janice

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CBD cannabis practitioner

Janice is a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, culinary nutritionist, cookbook author, speaker, and End-of-Life-Doula. Her mission is to help clients find relief through the use of medical cannabis and CBD. She is Program Director, MS in Integrative and Functional Medicine - Cannabinoid Medical Sciences - at John Patrick University School of Integrative and Functional Medicine and the author of Simple Guide to CBD: Fact, Fiction, and a Path Forward and Simple Guide to Cannabis Gardening: From Seed to Weed.

Her cannabis education began in 2016 when her dad turned to medical cannabis after traditional treatment for his chronic pain and discomfort caused severe side effects. The transition from debilitating pain en route to the dispensary to the words "Wow, I'm not in pain!" minutes after his first dose was astounding. It was at that moment that Janice decided to change her career focus and pursue training and education on the science behind the benefits of cannabis and CBD. One year later, she became certified as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner through the Holistic Cannabis Academy. She also completed the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program at GreenFlower and earned a Diplomate of Medical Cannabinoid Science title from The Institute of Cannabinoid Medicine.


Janice's passion is to reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis by educating others on the safe use of cannabis (marijuana) and CBD for treating a wide variety of debilitating conditions.  She partnered with a Colorado manufacturer of organically-grown medicinal grade hemp to provide phytocannabinoid-rich hemp CBD products for her clients under her Jannabis Wellness label.

Before Cannabis and CBD... 

Janice spent 15 years at Meal Makeover Moms and Janice Cooks helping busy families eat a healthy and delicious diet through her radio podcast, food blog, and family-friendly cookbooks. In 2015, she was awarded the Media Excellence Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Janice is past president of the Massachusetts Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and past chair of the Food & Culinary Professionals practice group of The Academy. She received her undergraduate degree in Food & Nutrition from University of Maine, and her Master of Science in Nutrition from Boston University. She has completed training at the Culinary Institute of America, and the Intermediate Wine Program at Boston University. 

Janice formerly served as nutrition consultant to the U.S. Senate, Boston Harbor Hotel, and New England Heart Center. She has two daughters and lives in the greater Boston area, where she enjoys yoga, cooking, playing pickleball, hiking with her miniature dachshund, Ella, and entertaining friends with her husband, Don.

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Recipe Development

Spokesperson Work

Public Speaking 

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Photos from Janice's days as a recipe developer, food blogger, and cookbook author! Check out her books and recipes.
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Cook with Janice

Contact Janice to inquire about renting her kitchen to host an event, film a cooking video or commercial, or attend a cooking class.

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