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"I have tried the gummies and the cream for the legs and those are working absolutely great.  Thank you so much. The relief from the gummies help me sleep so much better. I've been waking up wide awake not so groggy and with more energy and less pain. it really makes a difference in my life."

L.F., Maine

"Your salve helps SO MUCH with alleviating stiffness in my fingers (swollen joints). When I use it (and I’m still so amazed that I don’t need much), I can actually bend them in less than 15 minutes!  I accompanied a friend to a CBD store where she gets a product and she very kindly bought me a small jar of their salve (it cost $33.00) as a gift. I gave it 3 tries and gave up on it. Once again, you get what you pay for."

D.B., Massachusetts

We have found that Water-soluble HydroBond Hemp Oil, in conjunction with traditional meds has helped our daughter with her epilepsy. On the rare occasion that we run out, we have noticed she will start to have auras (small seizure activity that sometimes indicates an upcoming seizure). It usually takes 1-2 weeks without the CBD. This has happened at least 2 different times. With her regular regimen of meds (Keppra and Vimpat) and CBD “drops”, she has been seizure free for almost 16 months. For reference, she is around 60 lbs and takes around 10 drops before bed. We are firm believers in high quality CBD. We have been nothing short of 100% satisfied with Jannabis Wellness and their products. Thank you Janice for your knowledgeable guidance, excellent service and seasonal deals. We couldn’t be more happy!

T.M., Florida

The salve did work for me yesterday and what's weird is I haven't had any pain yet today!  So far, it's magical. It was the highlight of my day to not have nerve pain! 

L.C., Massachusetts

"I have been using the Hydro CBD oil for 14 months, slowly going from a few drops a day to 18 drops daily for the last 12 months. I have had radiation enteritis for 22 years and have had severe explosive diarrhea for most of that time. About 7 years ago I started following the low FODMAP diet on my own. I still often had diarrhea with an extreme and sometimes painful “cleanse” about once a month. Last year I began to follow a strict low FODMAP diet. The combination of the CBD oil and the diet has been amazing. Even when I cheat on the diet I no longer have “cleanses”.  My gut rarely hurts. Recently when I was on vacation and had to eat off the low FODMAP diet more than I normally do, but still kept faithfully to the CBD oil, I rarely had a major diarrhea event. Furthermore the few times that I have them, they seem to have a beginning and an end without having extra anti diarrheal medicine, or only minimal. My whole gut just feels so much better day to day and I do not experience pain like I would in the past. I believe my gut, after years and years of pain and constant diarrhea is slowly healing."

C.F., Ohio

"I continue to be amazed at the benefit which I receive from taking a few drops (of water soluble tincture) when I awaken in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  It really guarantees me about seven hours of sleep which is all I need.  So at 91, I feel blessed. The sleep is often accompanied by dreaming.  Now as a psychoanalyst I am acquainted with Freud's teaching about dreaming.  He said dreaming allows for the discharge of tensions that may be left over from the day before.  I do believe that is true and it helps to account for the more rested state that I experience upon awakening." 

J.R., Maryland

"I have had severe/explosive diarrhea due to radiation enteritis for 22 years. The combination of your water soluble CBD oil and the low FODMAP diet has been amazing. My gut rarely hurts. Even when I cheat on the diet I no longer have “cleanses”.  When I was on vacation and off the low FODMAP diet, but still kept faithfully to the CBD oil, I rarely had a major diarrhea event. My whole gut just feels so much better and I do not experience pain like I would in the past. I believe my gut, after years and years of pain and constant diarrhea is slowly healing despite the fact that radiation enteritis is never really cured."

C.F., Ohio

"My life has improved considerably since taking 11 drops of the Hydro PCR  three times/day. It's just amazing as my overall pain level has reduced more than I ever could have imagined. I have eliminated the use of Ibuprofen, Percocet, and Acetaminophen. I can't remember the last time I went without a 1/2 Percocet (at least 15 years).

 My depression has also decreased and my moods are more stable. I feel so fortunate to be working with you.  I never believed my pain level would do anything other than increase on a regular basis. I can't remember the last time I was actually pain free for even 2 hours."

F.D., Massachusetts

“The HydroPCR CBD tincture seems to be working well. My osteoarthritis seems significantly improved, I am sleeping better most nights with less medication and feel somewhat lighter re: depression. Progress!”

D.M., Missouri


"I have been using these drops for 8 months (12 at bedtime and 12 in the morning) and using the salve once a day on my knees. I am an 85 year old man and have Osteoarthritis. I was a very active athlete in my youth, basketball, running and beach lifeguard. My knees and hips were severely damaged and painful when I walked. I am now able to walk and move about 😊  with very little pain." 

G.C., California

"Janice, I took 2 pills last night and didn't wake up once!  I slept 9 hours!  If tonight is the same, then I know I have found my miracle and I will be a customer for life!  Thank you so much.  I heard about you through word of mouth and I'm very grateful.   I received my second bottle of CBD pills this week.  Oh my goodness, I have been having the best sleep ever!  I have finally found a way for me to reduce taking the pharmaceutical pills I'm prescribed!  I sleep through the night and I wake up rested. CBD has saved my life."

M. F., Texas

"I have been taking the CBD for @ 2 weeks and definitely am benefiting..... Feeling a calmness and has taken the “edge off” 

off of some usual “worry” of some everyday life stresses?! Just seem better able to accept/ move on with  the “ups and downs” 

of normal living and easier to enjoy being positive! An added benefit is that although I still wake up at night able to fall 

back to sleep easier/better rem/deep sleep (Fitbit) and no longer taking melatonin! My friend just started using the salve with good results with her knee pain and and using tincture.

So all is good.....thanks SO much for your help with your products....very much appreciated!"

N.S.C., Massachusetts

"Just a note to tell you how much your water soluble HydroPCR CBD has meant to me. One year ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus, a very painful muscle and joint condition, on top of the crippling fibromyalgia I had had for years. For six months, the pain doctor and the autoimmune doctors tried drug after drug to get me comfortable, but I was in agony at least three days a week. Life was bleak. I went into a senior living community because I needed help caring for myself because of the pain. 

Then, a friend recommended CBD from Jannabis Wellness. Janice, the very kind and approachable owner, gave me recommendations to fit my situation and I followed them. They worked! I took two droppersful once or twice a day, depending on that day’s pain, and I was ok! There were NO side effects. I wasn’t sleepy, or “high” (and believe me - I double- checked!) , or babbly. I wasn’t perfect, but I could re-enter society and be a human being. So I, a longtime detractor, heartily recommend Jannabis Wellness CBD products for pain, however intractable. They are clean, they are pure and they provide blessed relief."

L.S., Maryland

"I have used various CBD products from other sources to no avail.  I was ready to give up trying to ease my chronic pain issues with CBD. Then, I heard you on the radio, wrote down your website and went to work gathering information. I was impressed with the purity of your products as they are all Organic.  

I started using your products around a year ago.  I am now a daily user and have really seen a significant reduction of inflammation and subsequent pain."

D.M., Massachusetts

"I take only 6 drops at night, and 3 in the morning (of HydroPCR). Consistently, the best sleep I’ve had in years. My night time shoulder pain has disappeared, thank you! I actually have previously used about three different CBD oil tinctures, at high doses, with little to no results."

S. P., Louisiana

 "Our senior dog Blue has been totally transformed by 1 chewie a day.  We were thinking we were reaching the beginning of the end. She is running ( actually running). She could barely walk, and now she is happy and wagging her tail and “with it”.

M. N., Maryland

"Thank you for inviting me to follow up after my purchases. I learned about you and your practice on Sirius Doctor Radio. I am now on my second bottle of the 10mg capsules (one capsule daily) and certainly feel a difference in my general anxiety. I wish I’d known sooner that I could feel differently. And my sleep quality has improved dramatically. Which I’m sure in turn improves my anxiety."

T. Y., Arizona

"I have been using the salve since the day I received it and it has helped the arthritis pain in my hands and knee more than any other product or medication I have used!"

J. M., Georgia

"Your products are fantastic! My mother in law said she has really felt and improvement in her feet. She said they have never felt better and your topical CBD cream makes her feet feel so smooth. Like New feet!! We have also enjoyed the other products as well. It's nice to be able to find such a reputable manufacturer!" 

L., W., Massachusetts


"I have been with the same physical therapist for 10 years 2x a week and she always does her best to unknot my unyielding back muscles. I saw her on Monday and she exclaimed....OMG I can actually move your back...its a miracle....She said she also noticed a more relaxed and easy going me. I use your CBD oil 1,000mg water soluble tincture 2-4 x a day and it's the only one...I've tried 3 different ones and they did not work for me. I get excited when I put it under my tongue and its like eating a small amount of poprocks... I feel it working.

All I can say....Thank You for changing my life in a positive way so much that friends, family, and PT have all noticed a difference that i am more comfortable within my psyches. 

You're a life savor, God bless you"

D. G., Wisconsin

"You met my Dad, Mum and me a couple weeks ago. My dad passed away shortly after we met. I believe the CBD oil profoundly eased his pain as he approached the end of life. Thank you so much."

J.C., Massachusetts

"Great job on Doctor Radio!  At first I didn’t know it was you, and I was thinking, this lady sure knows a lot about CBD oil!  So, it seems that I picked the right place for my CBD. I’ve been taking the water soluble drops for a few weeks.  At first, I was just doing 3/3/3, and it didn’t do much to help with my chronic sciatica/piriformis syndrome.  Then I moved up to 5 drops 2 or 3 times a day, and I felt much better.  I can finally drive now without extreme pain.  I was so bad before your CBD oil, that I was thinking that I must need surgery.  I thought I’d never be better, since I’d had pain for several years, even on short car trips.
I’d like to order more bottles..."

J.D., Pennsylvania

"I have been using the CBD oil for over a month. It has really worked on my chronic pain. I have so much more mobility which has greatly improved my quality of life. My pain was also affecting my sleep and my mood. Thanks to the CBD oil, I now sleep comfortably and wake up well rested and happy. This product has truly been life changing. Thanks for your high quality products that help people like me improve overall health." 

N.K., California

"Your product has more than met my expectations. Sleeping Improved 90%.  Trochanteric pain totally gone!
Thank you so much for your product."

M.R., North Carolina

"My dad has had essential tremors since I can remember and he really feels the CBD is helping. I've noticed a difference in his tremors, too! Thank you so much!"

T. S., Delaware

"I am enjoying your CBD and using it for inflammation in my foot and also light anxiety. I also got the gels for easiness of use. But I must say I love the mint. It’s the only brand of CBD I can leave under my tongue without feeling bad about the taste. Congrats for that mint! "

I.G., California

"I have no idea about the science behind your products but I’m amazed at the salve. I am certainly the most skeptical guy out there but after hearing you on Doc Radio I thought, what the heck...

I have a bad case of RA and take Humira weekly. It helps. But I’ve also been suffering from a pinched nerve in the top of my left foot. Orthopedic surgeon (I’ve also been to a pretty well respected podiatrist) says nerve pinched between tendon and vein. Painful to the point that I’ve been limping for well over a year. Doctors gave me steroids and no relief. I started a very thin coat of the salve on the pain spot and it alleviated the discomfort 90%." 

A. P., Illinois

"I have been able to discontinue one of my medications, Tramadol, with the use of the CDB!  So I have the benefit of less anxiety and one less prescription! My sister is now walking without a cane much of the time. You must feel wonderful, helping so many people improve their quality of life.  And your dad is so darn proud of, yet not at all surprised by, all that you've done."

P. T., Delaware

"So after about 12 days of using 15-20 drops along with some pain med I am extremely happy to report that I do not have any sciatic pain in my left hip, groin or thigh and no tingling at all. I have some left knee discomfort at times but it is minor compared with the pain I had before. I believe that the anti inflammatory properties worked for my condition. I can sit in the car and at restaurants and I am walking comfortably and sleeping well. I take 3 drops in the morning and have taken a few more drops later in the day with an occasional Tylenol or ibuprofen if I feel achey. No stronger meds needed. So far wonderful success!"

R. F., Pennsylvania

"My Mom was suffering with osteoarthritis in her hands while caring for my father full time. She met with numerous hand specialists who could offer no relief for her pain, swelling and discomfort. I introduced her to CBD salve and the gels. After a few weeks of figuring out what her dosage should be, she has found the relief she needed to keep up with her daily activities and caring for my father. Janice took time to consult with me about my Mom’s issues and was incredibly helpful during such a difficult time. I have recommended Jannabis Wellness to other friends and family who have also had positive results." 

L.E., Massachusetts

"First off I have a chiropractic clinic... so have had the opportunity to try a number of CBD products. The minute I did the HydroPCR I knew it was different. Have been doing 5 drops per dose... once in the morning and once in the evening. At night I find I immediately can fall asleep (and dream more vividly).... and my morning dose has me feeling energized and balanced. At first it seemed some aches or inflammation was stirred up... but it was almost as though it was pulled out of my system... perhaps in a detox sort of way. And I believe my mood is enhanced too!

I'm very impressed... really like the taste and consistency better than the regular oils too!"

M. K., Illinois

"I suffer with chronic pain and the relief the CBD oil has given me along with a now whole food plant based diet has changed my life! I am happier and more able to exercise! I only take one dropper full of peppermint tincture at night before bedtime. Over time I have become less stiff in the morning and able to sleep so much more restfully at night. I feel less anxious and more functional as the pain has progressively lessened. 

N. K., California

"Just want you to know that my husband and I are absolutely in love with those water soluble drops. We both have struggled with sleep but these drops are magic and much better than the tinctures that I’ve tried in the past."

S. N., New York

Using the salve on my feet because of pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have gotten relief for the first time! Have used so many other rubs with minimal effect. Amazed how much this has helped...So much better than otc pain relievers! Thanks for your research and this product.

P. V., Michigan

"Just thought I’d let you know that since I have started CBD oil tincture my level of anxiety has decreased. I seem more able to just roll with the punches so to speak. Since starting taking the oil my wife has never slept better."

M. W., Georgia

"I had severe pain for three weeks from, I think, sciatica.  I was taking six ibuprofen a day and using an ice pack just to be able to function.  I started on the 10mg gel caps.  In three or four days, I was down to one or two ibuprofen then none.  I have been pain-free for the last couple of weeks.  I am back to working out a little daily.  I'm always skeptical about stuff like this, but I'm impressed.  Please feel free to use my comments.  I hope others are helped.  Thank you so much for this amazing product."

D. R., Missouri

"I first began taking CBD tablets based on the recommendation of my primary care physician. For the first few weeks, I noticed a mild difference but nothing substantial. Upon returning home someone recommended Janice to me. My whole life I have struggled with IBS/IBD and anxiety, and since seeing her a few weeks ago the results have been staggering. I feel happier, calmer, more present, and, most importantly, my digestive system has drastically improved. My girlfriend and friends have even commented on these changes. Through the use of Jannabis Wellness CBD, I will be weaning off of my anxiety medicine which is something that I have wanted to do for years!"

D. Y., New York


"After trying every arthritis cream on the market for my thumb/wrist, I finally found a product that actually works!  I have struggled with pain especially when golfing and this product instantly gives me relief.  Jannabis Wellness hemp/CBD cream is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed.”

N. D., Oregon

"Top quality tincture, flavor, and service.  A few drops daily has helped with sleep and a nagging shoulder injury. Jannabis Wellness is great!”

B. M., Massachusetts

 "I have suffered with inflammatory and erosive arthritis  affecting my hand / finger joints  for more than 15 years.  During this time I have tried MANY prescribed drugs as well as homeopathic remedies, all with limited results.  Recently I was introduced to Jannabis Wellness products. The salve provides near immediate pain relief when applied to specific joints.  It is easy to apply and it gets “right to the spot” without having to wait and guess whether there will be any improvement.  It has made a noticeable difference in my ability to perform tasks with my hands -- for this reason alone I will continue with the product and have recommended it to several friends with arthritic conditions.
   Along with the salve I have tried the CBD softgels to help with sleep issues.  The result is quite interesting.  It has caused a “calming” effect which certainly helps provide a more restful , full night’s sleep without any adverse side effects  As a side note my dreams have become far more pronounced and clear!"  

              C. H., New Hampshire

"I just wanted to let you know the dog treats have worked WONDERS for Budgie!! His anxiety has lessened dramatically and he's like a different dog- I almost can't believe it! Here's to Independence Day- my sweet dog is feeling more independent than he ever has in his life- thank you Janice!!"

V. R., Massachusetts

"My sister and I were talking today about our Dad’s more consistent improved mood, decreased anxiety and improved memory. He’s back to his good natured self. Improvements were evident the first week he started CBD. My oh my!"

B. Y., Massachusetts

"I am totally amazed how I feel with your Jannabis Wellness tincture! Mornings were pretty rough with back pain but, not so bad with the CBD oil! I also am weaning off my antidepressant slowly. Taking 1/2 dropper in the morning and a bit less in the evenings. 
Thank you!" 

J. V., North Carolina

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